April 2018: A new dawn

22 December -07: Site moved to srsowo.se We now have lots of space and are awaiting completely new site.

22 oktober -07: Regler uppdaterade

1 February -07: Some links fixed. Ourselves updated. Otherwise we´re eagerly anticipating a whole new site!

28 February -06: Correcting some spelling, like "Slotracing" on the first page, which has been "Sloracing" for almost five years!!! A german visitor noticed this and kindly let us know.

23 January -06: Some news at the rallytracks and link to Slick Rock Raceway.

16 January -06: Nothing new, just some cleaning up! Sorry.

31 October -05: Malmgatan Autodrom 10 years!

21 May -05: Links updated

18 May -05: Three new films

28 February -05: Tracks: Super 8 superceding Ring 2000

22 February -05: A counter again! We had one the first six months years ago, but they tried to charge us for it, so we had to let it go.

18 February -05: Links. Bits and pieces here and there

11 November -04: Links

23 October -04: Regler (In Swedish)

7 October -04: After a LONG wait, something new at Ourselves. Naturally there´s more to come...

14 April -03: Foreign Tracks

30 April -03: Bits and pieces everywhere! Lots of new pictures! Yet more to come!

21 February -03: On the web again! A little misunderstanding led to a temporary shutdown. Som changes/updates at Links and Vänner, which is for our Swedish speaking visitors.

30 December -02: Vänner

14 November -02: Partly new layout of Cars and Tracks.

21 October -02: Moving Pictures With new animated film!

15 October -02: Våra vänner, in Swedish only! Links

3 May -02: Rules (in Swedish only) Uppdaterade regler

21 April -02: New rules. Ny regelbok.

3 April -02: New pictures at the Autodrom rally track.

13 March -02: Special- and Rally-cars

7 March -02: Bits & pieces. New pictures at the Autodrom rally track.

12 February -02: Mpeg´s 1 lap at the Autodrom An old rusty Escort on "snow" with slicks. Don´t miss Kajo´s future vision on slot racing!
Länk till en svensk sida om Ronnie Peterson

24 January -02: A LOT of news; Ourselves, Tracks, Unique pictures, Links, Regler på svenska...

10 October -01: New link Archer Raceway If you´re in to imaginative tracks, don´t miss!!! Might be slow, but worth ALL the wait!

26 September -01: New link autobahn

22 July -01: Rallypictures and a very special Panoz at Cars

1 June -01: Bengt and Mårten finally arrived at Ourselves

20 May -01: More pictures everywhere!

15 May -01: New layout, a lot of new pictures. Several new links.

14 March -01: Minor adjustments in some texts. Link to article in the largest provincial newspaper in Sweden: Nerikes Allehanda

13 February -01: New layout

29 January 2001: New website!

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