Group C


Our cars

Our cars are basically divided into the main classes, but others appear as well. These may be historic models or members of "dead" classes.

We started in 1992 with Scalextric Group C cars as the only class. Attempts were made to introduce "Special" with more powerful motors, but one class was really enough back then. Later on there were plans to run Scalextric´s URK (cars with tilted motor, like Rover, Metro, TR7) but these cars were really TOO bad to race. Not until 1995 was a second class started, Väster Touring Car Championship, VTCC. Yes, of course, Scalextric´s Tourers; BMW 318, Ford Mondeo and Alfa 155.
In the autumn of -96 we finally introduced a class with real power, Special. At the beginning it was Mabuchi S-powered cars that won but the ones with 16D-powered cars didn´t mind, it´s so fun to race with all that power! A one-make class appeared thereafter, with the SCX Volvo 850´s. These cars ran in the same lane throughout the races to make everything equal; all drivers drove all cars just as much. Unfortunately the cars were very bad so they were scraped after just eight races.
Rally is the latest addition among our classes.

This picture is taken in June 1998, showing almost all cars of the era. How many would show up today?

All GT:s -98
Featured above are most of the cars of the 1998 season, and some other cars to fill out the picture. At the top you can see the GWR (Glenn Westerberg Racing) Jaguar XJ220, the Venturi of Lindstroem Engineering, the Hertz rental GTO, the Bugatti of Equipe Ridicule and an early Fly Marcos. Also present are the scratchbuilt Nissan 300´s of the Johnnie Walker team (one black and one red!), the Gulf McLaren of Scuderia Pericoloso, the yellow and red Ferrari F50 of Classe, several Porsches of Benogas skrot, or the team "Rennscheisse".