Group C


Since the autumn 2002 we race "GT2" cars. With all new beautiful cars being produced it was time to get rid of the "old" GT1s and Sports Prototypes.

Ever since Johan in 1996 introduced a moving pickup on his Ferrari F40 and chrushed the opposition, almost all cars have been equipped with this device. Some pickup arms are springloaded while other carries a lead weight to keep the pickup firmly in the slot. Since we run on board tracks we have a great amount of grip without the aid of magnets. The cars then tend to shudder och jump, and with a moving pickup they will be much nicer to drive. The high level of grip also makes the choice of tyres very important.

Chevy vs Marcos vs Ferrari has been much of the story under GT2 rules.

Johans Ferrari 360 Modena with a more raceworthy appearance.
More pictures are coming up! They´re still in camera or Photoshop...