Old GT (I)
Group C

Part I, 1996 - 1998

At the autumn 1996 the old Scalextric Group C cars were banned. Succesor was GT.

Two Nissan 300s were thought to be the answer to Johan and Mårtens search for something aside the ordinary Scalextric range (this was before the arrival of FLY). They also had some ideas in chassis setup they wanted to try.
Nissan 300ZX
Since the weightdistribution on the old Group C cars had been moved further forward with increasing development and speed, the Nissan motor was placed at the front. It turned out to be rather good, but very difficult to adjust. It didnīt seem to react to changes in weight.
The launch was clearly the best about the whole business; Johnny Walker products! The liveries were two Johnny Walker brands: Red Label and Black Label. Johan never raced his red car, and although Mårten eventually won one race he was often at the back of the field. J Walker Nissans

A famous Ferrarist is our S.C. (senior crackpot) Johan, who has taken several championships with Ferraris. In fact, all of his sportscar victories has been taken with Ferraris. All the races with other cars has yielded virtually nothing! His first GT car (except for the disastruos Nissan 300) was the extremly fast and reliabe SCX Ferrari F40.

It featured a moving pickup, an old Scalextric rear axle carrier and SCX slicks. The pickup style and tyres soon became standard features on all cars. It was rarely enough; Johan still took occassional wins in the spring of 1999, two and a half years later! When this car was forced into retirement Johan didnīt win anything in the class for several years.

A battled car after several years of racing. This is actually the second body. Itīs a modified SCX.
Thought to be the succesor to the very good F40, the F50 never really delivered, although it was rather good looking. The massive rear wing is made from Evergreen plastics. Note also the two small antennas through the rear screen. Decals come from Scale Models, one of our prime suppliers.
The Porsches are another long-lasting feature on our tracks. If no one else raced them, one can be certain that at least Benga did. The GT1 (right) is built by Glenn when the real ones were new, i.e. long before Ninco and Fly produced them. Itīs built from a Scalextric 911 and a LOT of Plastic Padding.