Group C

Miscellanous cars

Several of the members of SRSoWÖ are keen motor- and carfans. Therefore there are a lot of different cars in the Society. A few real old slotcars exists, but most of them are newer ones.

The Ninco Ferrari Barchetta is lower and narrower than the Ninco original. Now itīs real neat!
An old Scalextric Escort is to be taken away. To a scrapyard maybe? Note rust in front wing/fender and wheelarches.
An old Carrera Ferrari 312PB getting the right shape. Although it may seem right from the beginning, almost all details must be reshaped. This is the 1972 Nurburgring winning car, driven by Ronnie Peterson/Tim Schenken. If this car ever gets finished you will see more pictures.
Bengas trike with Porsche 935 motor, turbo and exhaust facing forward. No pickup on this one, but rear sponge tyres from Parma.

Pitlane is busy during historic racing. As can be seen not all cars are slotcars. Porsche 908 (40) is however; Bengtīs modified Carrera. Itīs built pre-FLY.