Group C


"Special" was a free class, where cars usually were Parma 16D powered.

As seen on the picture above, these cars were pretty wide, up to 70 mm:s. They were usually of Scalextric-type on the outside and Parma on the inside. The IMSA Audi to the left, for example, was an old SCX-car fitted with a Parma home-kit chassi (but not with a home set motor). Surprisingly these monsters (the worst seen utilized a group 20 motor) often took a beating from people racing GT-class cars. The latter were often more prone to crisp handling, whereas the former tended to be a bit "sluggish", especially on small twisty circuits. "Special" was initially rather popular anyway, because of the Power and the Speed! When Kajo was racing his Jaguar a bang could be heard a the straigts. Itīs since long a debate going on whether the car really broke the sound barrier...

Special was finally terminated at the end of the spring 2003. Succesor will be a 1/24-class to be run on larger tracks only.

At MK Ran in Askersund Mårten is leading with his widened Parma/SCX Mazda, ahead of Magnusī Slot.It Audi. This fast track is designed by the famous Hasse Nilsson.

The Mazda went through some work since the first version with felt wheel arches!

In Askersund it was often only Parma-powered cars in the A-final. Johans Ferrari 333 is the only car with the body intact. The Claes Riley & Scott, Mårten Mazda and Glenn Jaguar are all missing some corner or two of the body. Johan soon lost the rear wing in a crasch however.
Back at the Autodrom Magnus was the winner with the Audi and a more driveable Slot.It V12/2. Parma cars were incredible hard to drive safely on such a twisty circuit. Mårten still had fastest laps, hardly visible in the foreground.

Can you spot the flying (!) colours of the Mazda?

Magnus made this remarkable shunt at the start-finish straight! Later he gave up racing Parma cars.

Johan and Mårten have managed to crash simultaneously. But whereīs the Ferrari chassis?!?
Johans Ferrari 333SP. It was a modified Parma Home Set chassis with moving pickup. The SCX body was widened to app. 70 mm.
Motor is the classic 16D.

Jockes Viper had the best grip ever seen in SRSoWÖ. If it didnīt go straight ahead in corners it lay upside down, but it never lost traction! He was allowed to run it without proper wings/fenders since he didnīt slide around, so he couldn´t hit and collide with anyone... Jocke made those tires himself with natural rubber. Motor in this car is an old Mura group 24, so itīs rather fast. Body was FLY.