Old GT (II)
Group C

Part II, 1998-2002

After the success of the Johan F40 (see Old GT (I)) not much happened for a year or two. Most of the first GT cars were modified and took up the fight a bit better. The second generation of GT cars could finally beat Johans F40, especially Mårtens Venturi.

Mårten really only built a car very similar car to the succesful Ferrari F40. A moving, suspended pickuparm, SCX F1 slicks and a solid rear motor mount. Of course the FLY Venturi has a sidewinder, but not quite the original mount.

The body was all original.

The most extreme construction was Kajoīs Panoz Spyder. When you lifted it, it seemed to never end! The body was fixed at the front of the motor, in the brass tube. The chassis was a sort of ISO-Fulchrom, like a Scalextric Powersledge, but with the motor moving vis-ā-vis the pickup. The car was very light at 65 grams, and rather fast and drivable. At the back was an old Scalextric plastic rear axle carrier, used on Lamborghini Miura and others, which made it very strong and firm between motor and rear axle.
This TVR was built by Mårten. Although it won one race it really wasnīt an improvement over the Venturi.
Originally beeing a bit on the thin side compared to our maximum size, this car had severely broadened rear wings. But heīs going in the wrong direction!
Mickeīs GWR-Panoz. Its lower than original (in fact itīs so low it doesnīt comply with the rules!), the motor is moved back and sits in a mount from a Scalextric G.P. car.
After Mårten it was Magnus who became GT champion with a rather simple but incedibly fast and easy-driven FLY Porsche. His white Porsche GT1-98 has a rather long aluminium arm, while Claesī Pro Slot GT2 has a shorter plastic one. In this case itīs the original pickup mount thatīs used as an arm.
moving pickup
Since Pro Slots cars are very thin and light, and we open our cars very often (due to panicky changes of weight distribution or panicky changes of axles or panicky gluing back pickup arm mounts or panicky...), Peter put hinges at the front of his Toyota GT-One body. A magnet at the back means he can snap it shut.

The chassis looks a bit messy due to all gluethreads from a glue gun.

With this car Peter shook the Society, as it was totally bewildered by the Toyotas speed. Just as people had get used to Magnus, Peter totally eclipsed him.

hinged body