Group C


Rally came to us through Micke Fransson of Borensberg/Motala. It can be incredibly fun, powersliding around like a... well, like a rallydriver.

Most of our rally cars are new SCX WRC cars. Or rather, we planned it that way. However, the members of SRSoWÖ don´t take lightly at the right to build their own cars, so we ended up with a "Mitsu-baru", an SCX Mitsubishi chassis with a Scalextric Subaru body, a Ninco Toyota with SCX 4WD motor, and some other variants on the rally theme, most notably the two below. But still you can compete succesfully with a original SCX car, and with all new beautiful SCX cars, we just might end up where it should´ve started! rally2

A four wheel drive Scalextric Subaru

Mårtens very impressive solution for four wheel drive and moving pickup on his Scalextric Subaru. The V-belt wheel at left rear is from the first version; rubberband between rear and front axles. That´s also the reason why the chassis is cut off at the left side. However, this turned out to be troublesome at high speeds, when the rubberband slacked and stuck between wheel and chassis. Therefore he made this more advanced, and beautiful, construction.

Mårten will probably turn to an original SCX in the future, because this car will get slower and slower the more "snow" that gets stuck int the gears!

Another homebuilt four wheel drive

Magnus wanted a working four wheel drive on his Ninco VW, instead of the original crap. He did it his own way, with an extra crown gear and an axle from rear to front axle, parallell with the motor. As can be seen he still uses original NC2 motor. Although it´s rather slow it has good low speed grunt, which is more important than outright top speed. It´s very much like an SCX, really.