Foreign Tracks

Ever since 1994 we have borrowed other tracks to race at, first at MHF in Örebro, and later at MK Ran in Askersund and MHF in Karlskoga.


A Private Sneak Opening

In a nearby town (world famous for itīs cannon factory), the recently re-formed Karlskoga Slot Racing Club has a Blue King which we were the first to race at, even before the club itself!

The last race for our Specials. They wouldnīt last much longer anyway; the King wasnīt complete with all borders, so all cars had a lot of new scars after this battle.

The Superior Crackpot has to lend a hand as well!


Mårten is looking for Johanīs Ferrari! A muffled shout was heard: "I canīt see it!" Then he disapeared altogether. Finally he came back into the sunlight (more like tube light) with both car an person safe and sound, just a bit dusty...


Another favorite is MK Ranīs track in Askersund. Itīs 40 metres/130 feet long with four lanes, and wide enough for 1/24s. Itīs built by the famous Hasse Nilsson in the early 1980s. The members of the motor club MK Ran are involved in all kinds of motorsports, from folkrace (a bit like banger racing) to motorcycle dragracing, but not slotracing! The track is only used by kids. And us.

The MK Ran track is quite fast, but still enjoyable when racing Scalextric powered cars.

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