Malmgatan Autodrom

Malmgatan Autodrom

The crown of our tracks is the
Malmgatan Autodrom
constructed and built in 1995.

Map of Malmgatan Autodrom

Banked curve

In April 9th 2005 we threw a big party with members present and past. It was Anniversary!

includes a car-meeting,
in an almost complete landscape,


a museum for worn out slotcars,


and a tent with a never ending slotrace!

Slotrace in tent

Time for a reshape/rebuild of Malmgatan Autodrom. Total length is now exceeding 36 metres (118 feet).


Finished result! "Yellow House Corner" is rather tricky with a very fast approach. We have full throttle downhill, with just a short lift off at the little kink, and then full speed once more! It took some time to learn.

At the ceiling the main reason for the rebuild is visible: it was a lot of crushed skulls on those things!


Mårten is making plans for rallycourse on the mountainside. Yes, itīs built now! Look at pictures. The red and white house in the corner is the museum.

Want to look at a one lap film? Itīs 1.3 Mb and 11 seconds long.

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