Rally Tracks

An incredible cheap and simple way to make a rally special stage. One board, one roll of copper tape, and make a slot. Ready! The original idea is of course from Per "Never-out-of ideas" Karlsson.

This is the first one, built by Johan. It takes approximately 14 seconds per lap to go round with a 4WD rally car. Itīs not even painted.
Perīs firstborn Livingroom table

These two belongs to Per. The one to the right is made on an old livingroom table! Very clever. However, it produces very much grip and therefore needs some "grabble" or "snow" to get you through the very tight corners.

Later on Bengt "Bambi" has raised the standard considerably, with two sided tracks: after you reached finish you turn it upside down and start the next stage.

This makes one special stage. On the other side is another one. The switch in direction make these tracks surprisingly long. One "lap" takes approximatly 25 seconds to complete.
Switcher/changer is made out of oak! Note that it´s not even an inch without power. You cannot notice the slightest hiccup when passing.

At the "Power Base" is a small homemade polarity switch.

This big one doesn´t have polarity switching,but is long eough anyway. The board is eight metres long.

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