...at the Autodrom

A Special Stage at the Auotdrom

On a mountain road a very tricky special stage is winding along...

It uses parts of the real racetrack and wind along inside/below the highest part of the track with the banked curve.

Here is Bengt rebuilding the mountains. We had to cut out parts to clear the path for the special stage.
It´s very tight and narrow at places.
This is Mårtens 4wd Scalextric Subaru, with its beautifully engineered drivetrain. See pictures at Cars/Rally.

A new SCX Subaru heading towards the tunnel.

The tunnel.
Out of the tunnel and towards the descent goes Claes´ Citroen.
Through the pitlane. A chicane is added for the safety of mechanics.
"Careful through here please!"
It´s like threading a needle.

In the foreground is the "lane changer" visible.

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