Kajo´s vision

In The SLOTRACER of December 1999 Kajo was asked to write something for the 50-issue celebration. It turned out he was more interested in the future than the passed. Thanks to Linda Wiktorsson we now can present a translation of Kajo´s article.

"The wellknown scientist, humanist, teacher and coming man Kajo Nykvist, also from of old a known member of SRSoWÖ, has analysed the association's and The SLOTRACER's future development. The prospects he expresses are in truth astoundingly bright. Read and enjoy!

In times of jubilees like these it is easy to get sentimental and gaze backwards. And indeed there are many highlights to see in The SLOTRACER's 50-numbered triumphal march in the West and all the others of the cardinal points. But instead of a self-opinionated retrospect I will firmly grab hold of the crystal ball and present the future for The SLOTRACER.

The development has lately gone towards increased interaction with associations outside of SRSoWÖ. But we have only seen the beginning of it. Like rings on the water the collaboration and rumour about The SLOTRACER's excellence soon becomes widely known to slotracing lovers.

More and more people gets in touch and wants to take part of the latest in Slotracing. Through this allowances starts to pour in from outside. The SLOTRACER grows in only a couple of years to become something of a trade-magazine. While The SLOTRACER is such an eminent publication it soon gets a wide circulation beyond limits, i.e. also non-slottistas starts to read it. That way more and more people starts to take an interest in, and later on practise slotracing competing. In five years time slottism grows up both as a new concept and as the first new mass movement since the 1920:s. A principal troop within SRSoWÖ is engaged as consultants by the Government through the confederation of the Central Board of National Sport, to manage the interest of this meaningful occupation. Ericsson enters as the main sponsor of the Swedish slotracing-society and through collaboration with Microsoft a number of new virtual slotracing games are spread over the world.

SRSoWÖ's superior crackpot who has been far-sighted enough to patent The SLOTRACER, launches an English-languaged edition that quickly finds subscribers over the world thanks to a collaberate-agreement with UPS. Through a, by honorary doctor emeritus at University of Örebro, mr Benoga, elaborated clever handicap-system, which can be applied to all cars (except for in possibly occurring cases his own) slotracing competitions become accepted as the first motorized event in the Olympic Games. A principal troop from SRSoWÖ is engaged as consultative consults by Societée Generale Slottist du Monde; the international federation.

At home ground the management of SRSoWÖ takes over Dagens Nyheter (Swedens biggest daily newspaper) on behalf of its recently formed party, "The Crackpots". With its motto "Crackpots in all countries unite" they wipe the floor with the establishment and gets clear majority in the Swedish Parliament. Their first action is that the Government donates to every new-born a Scalectrix-track. The racetracks of Anderstorp and Kinnekulle are reconstructed to be able to take on trackbound traffic. The new capital of Sweden is Örebro, and the Parliament will be located where today the Nobel Pizzeria is, within only a stone's throw from the now listed building at Malmgatan and close to the historical Gustavsgatan where it all once started. In all countries over the world Slottist-parties are now formed and beginning to come into power.

They join in a central slotinternational under the guidance of a principal troop of SRSoWÖ. In the year 2063 all countries have formally joined the USW, Union of Slotracing countries in the World. Their superior crackpot J Mollberg immediately initiates the building of the eighth wonder of the world, a Scalextric Plexytrack to the moon, with computerized speedometer. At the same time a new religious retreat is spontaneously developed over the world, where crosses, halfmoons, bibles and copies of the Koran are traded for a stylized wheel and mankind over the world directs its worship to the legendary E. Pjoller.

And that is as far as my crystalball extends, even though it is filled with first-class Llagavulin.

K. Nykvist, Stockholmius Emeritus"

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