SRSoWÖ Komplett

The two real nuts (Mårten and Johan) explaining to the rest what they´ve done. "It´s 84 pages, has hard cover, includes facts of every race, every racer have competed in." The silence was stunning. The first reaction was from Per: "It can´t be true!?! Or...???"
...and instantly he fell in love with it.
Kajo and Bengt are amused, and Per is there again, equipped with a beer to calm his excited nerves!

This is the cover. Sorry, it´s only in Swedish. Anyway, it´s not likely to be of any interest for an outsider, or... Actually, we have several copies ordered from Germany and Holland. And yes; their copies will still be in Swedish. This goes to show there´s always someone crazier than yourself!

A new edition may be out this summer!