A delivery! This time from H+T in Germany... 

Mårten opens card board box with huge bread knife. Per looks very worried. 
     "Steady with that knife, son. We don´t want no scratches on the display      boxes!" 
Mårten looks anxiously into box, Per extatic with raised hands, Glenn is cool, calm and collected 
     "Halleluja! I see the light!" 
Mårten showing nice car to photographer 
     "Look! I just became a proud owner of a SCX Fiat 850." 
Glenn and Mårten examining a lot of plastic boxes, apparently full of slotcars 
     "Did we really order ALL these cars?" "We sure paid for them      anyway..." 
How about getting a webreader that shows the pictures instead! 
     "Whattayouknow, four wheel drive." 

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